Random Flag Generator

A random flag generator creates a flag with random colors and designs.It can be used for various purposes such as creating fictional flags for games or generating flags for new countries or organizations.

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What is Random Flag Generator?

Our team of professionals came up with an online Random Flag generator tool that generates random flags of different countries. The working algorithm of this tool is quite simple.

All the flags of 195+ countries are gathered and stored in the database, and then on one click, these flags are shuffled, and random flags are generated based on your input. It is a very informative tool.

One can guess the name of countries of the flags displayed on this tool and expand their knowledge of those countries.

How To Use This Tool?

With the three-step easy-to-follow procedure, one can get a bunch of flags of various countries.


Firstly, visit the Flag Generator webpage.


Enter the number of flags you wish to generate on the screen.


Once done, click the 'generate' button to produce a list of random flags with a single mouse click.