Random Name Picker

Random Name Picker tool is useful for picking winners, selecting teams, and making random choices. It is easy to use, fair, and eliminates bias.

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Max file size is 1MB.

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What Is a Random Name Picker?

In many situations, it is seen that the need to generate random names arises. This can be for various purposes and in various areas of life. However, it can be difficult, and sometimes even unfair to do it manually.

In such cases, random name picker can be the savior. A random name picker is a tool used to randomly choose names from a list. It can be used for anything from choosing a winner from a competition to drawing up teams for a game or activity.

The name picker can also be used to assign tasks or roles or to find the best ideas in brainstorming sessions. It’s also a great way to ensure fairness and stop people from choosing their own names.

How To Use This Tool?

You can use the random name picker tool by following the steps given below:


On a web browser, access Random.onl’s Name Picker page. This can be done on any browser of your choice.


On opening the website, add all the names you need to pick from.


Add all entries one by one.


Lastly, click on Pick Random Name button to pick a random name among the entries.