Random Number Generator

The online Random Number Generator tool generates random numbers for various purposes, is easy to use, and is accessible via the web.

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What is Random Number Generator

Has a situation ever arisen where you had to choose random numbers to decide something, or to choose a winner here you do know the outcomes but it depends on the number selected and the outcome depends on a random number.

The random number generator comes to the rescue. An RNG is a tool that uses a specialized algorithm to generate random numbers between the given limits. By means of this algorithm, an utterly unpredictable number is generated that is completely new to the user.

To ensure the security and anonymity of the user, the number generated is not reproducible. Therefore, it has become an ideal tool to use in situations such as online gaming, choosing winners, and other online activities that require random numbers.

Additionally, the pseudo-number generator is used in statistical analysis and cryptography to generate secure encryption keys.

How To Use This Tool?

To generate random numbers using this tool, follow the steps mentioned below-




Set the ‘Upper Limit’ and ‘Lower limit’ of the number range.


Click ‘Generate’ to generate a random number between the given limits.

What Is The Use Of This Tool?

The random number generator can be useful in many situations like

The School

In schools, many situations can arise that demand a random number or choice. Using the random number generator, the decisions can be decided as numbers and a number can be generated randomly, or students can be numbered and can be selected by the tool to perform certain activities. In such a way, the tool can be used in school activities.

To Pick Giveaway Winner

In many malls, shops, or social media activities, giveaways are hosted regularly. However, deciding the winners of these giveaways might be quite tough. This tool can come in handy in such situations. You can number each eligible participant and select a winner among them using the tool.

Generate Lottery Number

In the lottery, tickets with different numbers are sold to the buyers and only one of them wins the lucky draw. This draw can be decided by the tool by random numbers and a winner can be decided for the lottery.

Suppose you wish to generate 3 winners for a lottery from number 1 to 39, where no number is generated twice, then the following settings are to be applied.

Min = 1 Max = 39 Generate 3 numbers Allow duplicates = no Sort numbers = low to high

This setting would help you generate 3 random numbers between 1 to 39, and no number will be repeated so you can easily choose the lottery winners.


There are many random number generators online. However, we would not hesitate to claim that this tool is the best suited for all your needs. Here are a few reasons why.

Unique & Random Number

The numbers generated by the tool are completely random and No output follows any algorithm to generate these numbers. This, you can be sure that the output is not fixed or manipulated.

Easy & Free To Use

We do not charge you a cent to generate the results of any other action. You can use this tool for a lifetime, and after that, your future generations can too!


Is Google's Random Number Generator Truly Random?

Google's number generator is an essential part of many applications, and its randomness is important for ensuring the security and integrity of these applications. The generator is based on cryptographic algorithms that are designed to be as random as possible, and are tested to be sure they are actually random.

The generator is regularly tested by Google's security team to make sure it is providing truly random numbers. Google also shares its number generator code so that any organization can review it and verify its randomness.

Do Random Number Generators Have A Pattern?

Random number generators do not have a pattern because their values are completely unpredictable. This is what makes them useful for many different applications, from cryptography to gaming.

Generated numbers by these random number generators can be used to simulate a variety of events in various fields, such as medicine, engineering, and economics. It is important to remember that the numbers generated by these random number generators are actually random and have no repeating patterns.