Random Last Name Generator

Keep your last Name random to increase the chances of it being unique. A legal Name change can be very empowering. Try it now!

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What is Random Last Name Generator?

The random last name generator is an online tool that generates a perfect surname for your next character. It is beneficial for everyone and especially for story writers who are finding a pen name for their story, character, movie, and serial directors.

This generator helps you in finding last names for a writing project or a role-playing game this tool offers you thousands of perfect last names. The algorithm of this tool searches thousands of surnames and displays them according to your choices. Also, this will give you options like which type of names you want, popular, rare, or average names.

How To Use This Tool?


Select the number of names you want to generate.


Now the select type of name you want.


Click on “Generate” button and get a list of the last names of your choice.